The following post contains SPOILERS!!

You have been warned!

Our group just finished Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 last night and I thought this would be the perfect time to discuss it for this week’s The Love/Hate relationship.



There is a lot to like about Season 1.  First is the Legacy aspect and how things will change throughout the journey.  I really like the progression of the story, world and characters.  I like being able to customize the characters and have them gain special traits, both good and bad.  I like how we could make our Military guy just uber awesome at controlling diseases, and our Scientist super woman when it comes to sharing info.  I loved how the map changed over time and some areas became harder to get to, either due to having fallen in rioting and collapse or due to road blocks having been placed to stem the spread of COdA, while you focused on other more pressing matters.  I loved the story and how things came to light as we progressed.  I couldn’t wait to open the next box or window to see what was coming next.  The memories we shared in this journey will never be forgotten…….APRIL was epic….for those who have played, you know what I am talking about.



You can go now!  The game just over stayed its welcome!  When it comes down to it….every game is Pandemic.  The journey is great, the legacy aspect is great…..but the core game is simply the same with each and every play.  After about August…..we just wanted it to end.  After April, there is really nothing more to look forward to.  I wish there were more AH HA moments than there were to keep it really interesting.  I would have loved for certain areas of the map to be completely destroyed and gone for good.  The ending month of December was a HUGE let down, as there was just nothing to do.  Matt in our group literally passed all of his actions 2 or 3 times because there was nothing for him to us them on as we had vaccinated all the Faded cities and had the disease cubes under control.  The more we played the less appealing it was.  Our highs were extremely high, which included January – May….and our lows were extremely low October – December.