Fields of Green where you draft different types of fields for your farm

Games that have card drafting in them really tickle my fancy!  I love the decision making that goes on when trying to decide what strategy you want to focus while reviewing that cards you have been provided and without knowing all the cards that are available in the hands of other players.  The whole struggle with should I take that card and hope there is another card coming that will help?, or I know what is in that group of cards, I wonder if that one card will make it back around to me?  How about the struggle of….YES I got this card, now if only I can get……dang it some one else took it!  This is just a fantastic way to add strategy to a game that takes out the problem of randomness of getting a hand of cards and being stuck with them, even if they are bad.


blood rage
There are so many choices to make in Blood Rage, I just can’t wrap my head around it.

I am horrible at games with this mechanism.  My brain goes blank when trying to decide what cards to keep and what cards to get rid of.  I love the strategy of it, and actually love games that use the mechanism, but man does it hate me.  The games that come to mind that give me the hardest time are Blood Rage (Don’t think I have came within 40 points of winning that game) and Lost Legends (After 15 plays have yet to win that game….while my 8 year old son destroys me every time).  The other part that I hate or rather that hates me, is remembering what I saw in each hand and hoping they get back around to me.  It is just too much for me to handle….I guess!