Armageddon War: Armored Combat in the End War is live on Kickstarter. The latest offering from serial successful Kickstarter campaigner Flying Pig Games, Armageddon War is set in a dark, not-too distant future. Following disease, famine, and economic collapse among the world’s first-line powers, conventional war erupts in the Mid-East for what arable land remains. Old allies join the carnage, and the war grows, pitting age-old adversaries and their new friends against each other. Armageddon War depicts the chaos in the midst of this war.

Armageddon War Armor
Armageddon War is a breath of fresh air in the wargaming world. There are no turns, just continuous activations. The intensity of a unit’s close combat modifier is determined not only by its weapons, but also by the tactics you choose to use for the assault or defense. When you fire on a unit, it has the option of taking cover, or returning fire, and Action Dice, not endless charts, determine combat’s outcome.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter:

Armageddon War Formation Card

While I have not yet played ArmageddonWar, I have played and enjoyed Old School Tactical Volume 1 and ’65: Squad Level Combat in the Jungles of Vietnam from Flying Pig Games. From their high quality maps to their beautiful oversized counters, Flying Pig Games does a great job creating playable tactical war games that can be enjoyed with rules that are fairly easy to learn and manage.

Look for an interview soon with Mark Walker and Greg Porter covering the game and its design.