In Mound Builders, the greatest threat to the peace, tranquility and success of your culture is the mighty Spanish who are looking to invade your territory and take your wealth and power through destroying your economic power and taking your resources.

Mound Builders Spanish Lead by Pizarro

The Spanish have a set time that they will invade as identified in the rules when you are building the event card deck. You will shuffle in the following card to the deck near the end and it will appear twice over the course of the game.

Mound Builders The SpanishWhen The Spanish Card is drawn, you will choose which path the Spanish will use to advance toward Cahokia, and depending on your wealth and power in the game, determined by the number of goods you produce, you will have to randomly draw from a pool of more powerful leaders to guide the Spanish to your homeland. This is very thematic, as the greater wealth you have, the more attention you would have drawn from the Spanish and they would send their toughest and most merciless generals to take what you have.

In my game, you will notice that I drew Pizzarro who is a very powerful leader. In looking at his card, you will notice that he has an attack value of 3, as well as two black dice symbols noted. This simply means that when they are attacking you, you must defend and roll higher than a 3 two times, once each for each black die noted. There is a leader that has 3 dice, so Pizzarro isn’t that bad. I can’t tell you how many times I would roll a 6 followed by a paltry 1, but eventually I was able to stop his advance and he never reached Cahokia.

But, remember I said that The Spanish Card would come up twice! In the 2nd appearance of the Spanish, I drew a weaker General, as I had lost a few of my resources, in De Soto who only had an attack value of 2 but still with 2 black dice symbols.  He was able to successfully make it all the way to the gates of Cahokia and lay siege to my capital. Luckily, I had built up my palisades to their highest level over the course of the game and after several rounds of losses, I was finally able to end the threat and win the game. I came out with a moderate victory but for my first try, I will take it.

Mound Builders Spanish at the Gates De Soto

This game is very enjoyable, and once you know the rules and are comfortable with the mechanics, can be played in about 60 minutes. I highly recommend Mound Builders to anyone that loves solitaire only games. Look for a review coming soon and here is a link to our unboxing video.