On March 8th, Admodee announced the first scenario expansion for the Conan miniatures board game by Monolith Editions. The expansion is called Nordheim and deals with Conan’s adventures into the frozen northlands of the Kingdom of Nordheim, which included Asgard and Vanaheim where he encountered the red-haired Vanir and the yellow-haired Aesir. Through four scenarios deeply inspired by Robert E. Howard’s short story The Frost-Giant’s Daughter, you will expand the lands you can travel and encounter the fabled Frost Giants and pursue the Frost Giant’s daughter.

Conan Nordheim Expansion Images

The expansion contains twenty-four detailed miniatures, one double-sided game board, a scenario book, twenty-two tiles, eight tokens, and seven cards that are of the utmost quality. One of my favorite parts of this tactical miniatures game is the fantastically sculpted and highly detailed miniatures, and I cannot wait to get my hands on those awesome looking Frost Giants.

Nordheim is scheduled to arrive at retailers in the second quarter of 2017 and the MSRP is $54.99.

For more information on the expansion and its contents, please follow this link to the announcement on Asmodee’s webpage:


My only complaint about Conan and the whole series has been the fact that they haven’t yet been able to release the free scenarios that allow for the players to utilize several of the recently released expansions such as Crossbowmen and Kushite Witch Hunters. These expansions have fantastic miniatures and the added content will make the game infinitely more replayable but no rules were included for how to integrate these new units into the existing game. Frustrating.