After several significant victories by the Japanese, I decided to push my advantage and try to deal a crippling blow to the Allies who still had a significant fighting force in Gili Gili. 

After playing the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal event, and once again activating the Comb Fleet Yam HQ, I was able to activate 8 total units and move them into an air-naval battle with the Allies 4 combined units at anchor in Gili Gili. I once again rolled well with an 8 but this time the Allies also rolled really well with an unmodified 9 which would allow a critical hit. The critical hit is so devastating because it allows the elimination of units without having to reduce all units first. 

Due to this unfortunate roll, we both ended up losing 2 units sunk. For me this was devastating as I lost the Yamato, an 18-18 Battleship, as well as the Shokaku, a 14-12 Aircraft Carrier. But in the end I was able to eventually take Gili Gili and build a commanding lead of 13-7 that I would never reluinquish.