South Pacific: Breaking the Bismarck Barrier 1942-1943 is an Empire of the Sun C3i Scenario Variant that uses the full scope of its parent design by Mark Herman.  While South Pacific is a complete stand alone game, all of the tactics that work in EotS work in SPac. What is unique about SPac is the smaller map region focuses and significantly simplifies the strategic options available to the two sides.

During our first play of SPac, I was playing as the Empire of Japan while Alexander was controlling the Allies. As his opening move, he stole the initiative and launched an aggressive amphibious invasion of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, trying desperately to take a significant port and airfield from which he could strike out against the Japanese holdings and force their hand to defend the many ports in the area. Ports are the most important element in SPac as the player who holds 3 more than their enemy will win at the end of the 4th round. 

As you can see from the above picture, I was able to play a counteroffensive reaction card that allowed me to move naval units into the fray from the west. I activated the Comb Fleet Yam HQ with its 3 Efficiency Rating, which when coupled with my 2 value card allowed me to move in 5 naval units from nearby New Britain. 

We rolled our air-naval combat dice and I rolled well with a 6 as compared to the Allies poor roll of a 2. This meant that I would do full damage as compared to the Allies only attacking at 1/4 strength, inflicting only 14 damage leading to only one Japanese reduction. My great roll allowed me to reduce both of his naval units and sink the Northampton. This victory in air-naval combat foiled the attempted amphibious assault and forced the Allies to retreat. 

This opening victory would set the tone of the game and allow my Japanese to build momentum leading to ruling the width and breadth of the South Pacific.