Fighting in Fields of Despair is very slow, deliberate and rarely explosive but when a superior force is able to overrun and eliminate all resistance in a hex a Breakout is created. 

In this picture, my CP force destroyed a small Allied force in Conflans allowing me to advance into an adjacent hex if I so chose. 

I decided to advance into Verdun which only had a 2 power fortress guarding it. This move allowed me to have a follow up attack as my Breakout Move created a contested hex. With no defenders, my forces were able to directly attack the fortress and ended up rolling 10d6 dice and delivering 3 hits which was enough to destroy the fortress and allow me to control the hex. 

This was a great use of the Breakout Move and allowed me to gain an advantage before the Allied player could move troops back in to defend. This hex is important to control for the CP as it generates a victory point. Our game ended today in a victory for my CP forces by a final tally of 8-7 for the 1914 Introductory Scenario.