After much internal debate, I bought C3i Nr 30 from Amazon (the debate was really about the shipping cost and not whether the magazine was worth the $36) and it arrived this week in all of its glory! Just look at that cover. Please enjoy our unboxing (probably should be unbagging) video!


This magazine is extremely well done and well worth the cost with articles on 12 games, over 100 counters and new scenarios for 2 of my favorite games, South Pacific by Mark Herman (which uses the Empire of the Sun game) and War in the South by Harold Buchanan (Liberty of Death 2 player scenario). Amongst the articles include a series analysis on the COIN (Counter-Insurgency) genre of wargames by acclaimed designer Volko Ruhnke as well as a Strategy Guide for Liberty or Death and a very cool map showing the locations of all of the events in the game, very cool!