A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Invention Icon (II) aka Justin Jones about his new Kickstarter project Dek-Den and asked if we would be interested in posting an interview on our blog. I am always on the look out for new and interesting games, as well as gaming related items, and this project definitely caught my eye. I am not being paid for this interview but wanted to see about the product as I do enjoy deck building games (some of my favorites are Thunderstone Advance, Ascension, Dominion and Marvel Legendary) and have experienced the problems that this project is supposed to correct. So, with that being said, onto the interview:

Grant: What is Dek-Den and how will it help gamers who love to play deck building games?

II: Dek-Den is a deck building game assistant; a new breed of divider that saves players time accessing and putting away cards at the game table, so more games can be played. Dek-Den has been designed with deck building games in mind; namely those games where expansions have led players to find alternative storage to more easily transport and access them.

Grant: What advantages does it provide?

II: Improved access to cards, clear marking of locations where cards have come from and elimination of auto shuffling.


Grant: How does it work?

II: Each unit of Dek-Den is connected to the unit behind it and the unit in front of it. This connection enables cards to be retrieved, only needing a slight pull on the divider. Afterwards the connection holds the empty unit of Dek-Den in a raised position. When cards are returned, the user has the option of returning the unit with slight pressure applied to the cards or leaving them elevated, such as when part of a set are used.


Grant: Do the dividers fit into the original boxes for the game?

II: There are many challenges with using original boxes. In general they are not designed with the intention of holding ~10kg of cards and plastic. Many choose an alternate container for their cards and in doing so take the opportunity to present the cards vertically. Dek-Den is designed with these containers in mind.

In short, I am trying but not yet. Dek-Den having a successful launch will help support my efforts in developing more solutions to bring to the world.

Grant: What games does it work with or will you have to buy specially designed sets for each different game?

II: Dek-Den is designed to be game agnostic. Units of Dek-Den will logically be sold in packs. However, one only needs as many units as sets of cards they are organizing. The units will take labels very well are provided unlabelled. Additionally, for those times new expansions come out, units of Dek-Den can be disconnected allowing for reorganization.


Grant: How durable are the dividers?

II: With dividers this requires two considerations, how much do they support and how long will they last. Dek-Den is very thin about 1/4mm, which keeps the space used to a minimum, so more units can fit in the same container. The result being that there will be lots of units supporting the weight of items placed on top.

Dek-Den is plastic; stronger than card sleeves, not as strong as deck boxes.

Grant: Please explain the use of your mascot Ike. What does he represent?

II: Straight up, it is an attention getter. I knew that Ike would get people from all areas of life to pause and consider what it might be attached to.

Ike is me in character form. I have been an inventor for a long time across many fields. Dek-Den is my first world wide release, with hopefully many more for years to come.

Dek-Den Logo 2.png

Grant: How is the Kickstarter going and when does it end?

II: The experience of the Kickstarter process is amazing. We have had lots of positive feedback about the benefits of Dek-Den. We are only 1/20th of the way to full funding. With the interest that has started showing up and with the campaign finishing November 30, 2016, we are within range of full backing.

Grant: What are some of the proposed stretch goals?

II: Special units of Dek-Den that have a wider gap. Many games will benefit from a few Den-Den units with a wider gap to accommodate base communal cards. With only a few needed in most games, they will be a great addition to the sets everyone will get.

Grant: What is the time line for the Kickstarter campaign?

II: We started the campaign early to help with time to spread the word. We will keep working to bring in the backers until the end of November.

  • December 2016-January 2017: Dek-Den dies are made
  • February-March: Dek-Den and packaging is produced
  • April-May 2017: Dek-Den is shipped

There is lots of extra time included in case of the unexpected.

Grant: Have any games producers shown an interest?

II: Yes some have. Japanime Games is really excited about Dek-Den and they made a point to stop by our booth at Essen. I’ll be sure to provide more details about others as soon as I am allowed.

Thanks for the explanation of Dek-Den Justin! It looks like a very handy product that will make playing deck building games more efficient. If you are interested in Dek-Den, check out their Kickstarter page at