Mage Homes
The Competitive Mages….loads of magical fun can be had for your party with adventures into these bastions of enchantments….from topiary bushes that come to life in the form of Dire Raptors to painful Glyphs of Warding!
This week’s installment of Map-A-Week is the personal residences of 2 powerful Mages in the City of Verrassek who are constantly at odds with one another and always looking for any opportunity to mess with the others experiments, creations and dweomer crafting.  Feabius Egallen and Tharkus “Greyeye” have been feuding for so long now that they don’t even remember what it is that they are angry about! See a pdf version of the map here: Mage Homes – Faebius Egallen & Tharkus Greyeye 

Tharkus “Greyeye” (Lawful Evil) is the least successful and powerful of the two but he has a true talent for crafting Golems.  He has a very nasty Shield Guardian that follows him around and protects him as he makes his way around the City doing his daily business.  He also has created a semi-sentient Nimblewright Assassin named “Clovis” that carries out his less than desirable work at night, taking out rival Mages, extorting local officials or simply stealing something that he needs for one of his creations!  The main guardian of his home is his personal favorite creation, Ruby.  Ruby is a Ruby Golem, made from enhanced and enchanted ruby crystals that roams the halls of Tharkus’s home keeping out intruders.  If a party enters his home, they will have a very hard time destroying Ruby as she is enhanced with protective magic like Shield, Protection from Arrows and Protection from Good (and Evil).   He also has recruited a band of nasty Ratmen who are located in the basement of his home who assist him in his creations and also do various tasks around the City.

Clovis the Nimblewright Assassin, creation of Tharkus “Greyeye”
Faebius Egallen (Chaotic Neutral) is a much more influential and powerful Mage in Verrassek and has built for himself quite the magical empire.  He is a high ranking Wizard in the local guild of Mages known as the Tower of Gold located near the Manor House.  Faebius is also the advisor to the Lord Mernjyon Terrel and has his ear to all issues in local politics and has a fair bit of persuasive power.  He is a master Alchemist and can make any potion needed within hours due to his deft use of various enhancing magic like Haste and Time Shift. Faebius also has a nasty associate/assistant named Tollsten who is actually a Vampire and has become quite the accomplished spellcaster himself.  Faebius has always wondered why he sleeps during the day and works at night!

Please let me know what you think of the map. Any comments are appreciated.