Outpost of the Kuo-Toa
The Outpost of the Kuo-Toa, a hand drawn map for use in any Dungeon’s & Dragons, Pathfinder or other fantasy setting.

I want to start a segment on our blog where I post a free dungeon map for you to use in your gaming.  I will also try to give a little bit of background on the map, its location, the main bad guy and how it might fit into your established campaign.

With that, here is my first Map-A-Week entry: Outpost of the Kuo-Toa Queen Solnedirpe which is located in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting in the Nagawater north of the Lake of Steam.  The outpost is accessible only through a cleverly disguised underwater entry area that looks like nothing more than a simple sea cave for some local underwater beast as there are many shells and bones littering the floor of the cavern.  The Kuo-Toa here are simply trying to scratch out a living by kidnapping locals and then selling them to the Drow as slaves. The cave and room system is set up with underwater entrance and flooded caverns near the front door, which are guarded by large sea creatures (such as the Giant Crabs and hidden Kuo-Toa guards in the pools).  The operation is run by Solnedirpe, a female queen who has gained her position of power by killing her husband and garnering the favor of her God, Blibdoolpoolp. She has several lower level Acolytes who help her maintain control over the operation which is also busy working with the Yuan-Ti in the City of Hlondeth.  The sea caves turn from naturally forming to more worked stone as they have forced several Dwarves as well as Deep Gnomes to help them excavate and shape the rock into a suitable dwelling complete with a  large gathering Chapel at which they worship the Sea Mother by drowning victims as sacrifices. The adventure is made for lower level characters (probably 2nd through 3rd level) but can be easily scaled by adding a few class levels to the guards and the Clerics. Please let me know what you think of the map.  I appreciate any feedback that you give me.  I am also working on how to post the maps on our blog in PDF format for easier downloading and printing but haven’t worked that out just yet.