I was really excited to try this game.  I have thought about buying Village for quite a while and when I hear My Village was coming out also I got really pumped for this game.

In My Village, everyone is running their own village trying to be the most prosperous family in history of time.  Time is the name of this game.  When I first heard about My Village I thought it would be a more simpler version of Village.  Similar to games like Nations the Dice Game, which takes about 45 minutes to play, coming from Nations that is a monstrous 2-3 hour experience.  Boy was I wrong….My Village is much more deep than I gave it credit.

At its core, My Village is a dice drafting, dice activation style game.  At the beginning of the round the first player rolls ALL the dice.  Many white but a couple of black dice are added.  On your turn you choose 2 dice that you want to use from what was rolled.  All the dice allow you to buy new village cards to add to your personal village.  The white dice also allow you to activate actions that you have previously on your village.  The black dice also allow you to buy cards but beware….death is looming….


Every time you use a black dice death moves your life forward 2 additional hours.  This might not seem like a lot but many of the cards or actions that you take also force you to use time.  So, if you choose 2 black dice and build a card that also takes 2 time, you are spending 6 time.  Once your disc crosses over death…..a worker from your village dies and is sent to the graveyard.  You then need to train more workers to fulfill the vacant spots.

We played through about 4 rounds of the demo and I have to say, this game seems like it is right up my alley!  There seems to be multiple paths to victory, lots of tough decisions to make and the theme is really fun.  There are other mechanisms that seem unique also, like the first player token getting money added each round making it more enticing to take, the temporary victory points needing to be turned into solid vp’s, the rats invading the villages and taking half of your temporary vp’s.  There really is a lot to this game.  It is a table hog with all the different types of cards.

I would have bought it but the 60$ price tag seemed a bit steep for what the game is.  If it was in the 45$ range, it would be in my collection today.  If this sounds interesting please check it out.

Stay tuned, up next……..Evolution: The Beginning!