Kuat Drive Yards
The Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) is a starship manufacturer based on the planet Kuat. It has produced many of the galaxies most terrifying symbols of Imperial might including the Imperial Class Star Destroyer and the massive AT-AT Walker.

While speeding through hyperspace on their way to make deliveries to the Imperial controlled Kuat System and the Kuat Drive Yards, The Cutter was violently jolted from hyperspace by a large Star Destroyer “The Dagger of Coruscant”. They pulled The Cutter out into the middle of a fire fight between at least 30 tie fighters and a very beat up pirate bulk cruiser.  Noticing the turmoil caused by the fire fight, and the fairly defenseless and flaming pirate ship, Tekk decided to take a chance and board the burning cruiser looking for any easy pickings from their cargo hold.  They landed safely, exited the ship and found just what they were looking for.  They were then able to find a cargo sled and loaded up 3 cases that were heavily secured along with an encrypted briefcase.  Once loaded, the pirate ship quickly deteriorated and they barely made it out with their lives as the heaving freighter exploded into a dust cloud of ions and scrap metal.  Once out, the Star Destroyer quickly caught up with The Cutter and brought its tractor beam to bear on the YT-2400 and hailed them on the open com with a warning to not resist or try anything aggressive or they would share the fate of the pirates!  They explained that this was a fairly standard interdiction mission where they randomly pull star craft out of hyperspace in this sector which is known for its illegal smuggling activities.  With the YT-2400 being one of the most easily customizable ships in its class and being known for its smuggling uses, they chose The Cutter.  Tekk simply explained to them that they were making a totally legal delivery of “speeder parts” to the Kuat Drive Yards and had a clearance code that would most definitely check out.  It was almost as if the operator didn’t hear a word Tekk said and he instructed them to immediately land in the docking bay for inspection.  Upon landing, the Stormtroopers led the crew to a small and very sterile room where they were to wait, for what seemed like an eternity, for an Imperial Officer named Reeve to question them.  Tekk was supremely confident in his ability to pass the interrogation as he had been asked a thousand times about their cargo, crew and destination in dozens of other similar inspections.  One of the sources of Tekk’s confidence was the meticulously modified cargo manifest he had to present to them which had been scrubbed and double checked dozens of times.  (I actually keep a spreadsheet of each of the crews consigned deliveries including the point of origin, destination, contact name and expected pay off. I have found this helps me keep track of what is going on and what we can do when given the opportunity!)  Officer Reeve finally arrived and with very little fanfare, demanded to see the cargo manifest.  As he looked it over, he found the one error that had been made and exploited it (he was good at his job unlike most of the rest of the Imperial Security & Customs force). The mistake was that Tekk had left the true name of Asori Farann on the manifest.

The Cutter True Cargo Manifest
The real cargo manifest of The Cutter….which is hidden from anyone’s eyes other than Tekk’s but which had only one mistake…leaving on the name of Asori Farann!

To Tekk’s surprise, Reeve asked if they would be interested in securing the Rebel traitor Asori Farann (What was that he said? Asori is a Rebel?!? Tekk took a mental note to ask Commander Talon about that!) and bringing him to them.  Tekk thought it over and was about to say no, when he explained that there was an 80,000 credit bounty on him, 150,000 if he was brought in alive.  Tekk about peed his pants!  That would be enough to pay off the debt with the Kerzekk Mining Guild and truly be a free man!  Hastily, Tekk agreed and was given a personal holo-communicator by Officer Reeve that would connect the crew to his boss Captain Deen so that he could stay in touch.  The crew was then released and continued on to their destination of Kuat.

The Cutter Modified Cargo Manifest
The heavily modified cargo manifest for the Midnight Jaunt (The Cutter)….which is provided to any Imperial Customs Inspector or Deck Officer upon request.

Upon arriving at the Kuat Drive Yards, they were asked for their clearance codes and to their surprise, they worked and they were allowed to enter the system and make their way to the Interstellar Transport Guild Space Port to complete their delivery. They landed and unloaded the cargo and were making their way to the delivery point when Tekk noticed a small mouse droid tailing them.  Tekk told Krussk that he was going to break away from him to see if the droid would follow Tekk or stay with the shipment.  Tekk broke off as planned and just like a Bramorian Blood Hound, the droid kept his nose right on the shipment.  Tekk then hailed Krussk on his communicator and told him to turn down a dark alley way where he would come up from behind the droid and take him out.  Krussk did as planned and Tekk got the drop on the droid, accidentally destroying it when he meant to only disable it.  The two searched through the remaining parts of the droid, hacked into its system and found that it was transmitting a signal of some kind to a small freighter merchant a little further down the main street.  We approached the merchant and entered his establishment.  The two were hailed by the shop owner who dealt in small freighters.  Tekk bluntly asked him about the signal and he seemed to look very nervous.  Tekk then heard boot steps from the upstairs and told Krussk to watch the shop owner while he went to investigate.  Upon climbing the stairs, Tekk ran into a debriefing session between a very sophisticated looking man and about a half dozen bounty hunters.  When he came up the stairs, they all turned, looked at him and then immediately looked down at their data pads and back at him.  They then all got a little jumpy and reached to unbuckle their blasters when the man in charge told them to stand down and approached me.  He said his name was Marnal and that he was an agent of the Kerzekk Mining Guild and that they wanted their money for the loan for my ship. Tekk had to think quickly and reached in his pocket pulling out a frag grenade and armed it as he stood there confidently.  This seemed to calm the room as they knew that Tekk was the right guy.  Marnal told Tekk to calm down and that a deal could be worked out is he was willing to cooperate.  With six armed mercenaries in his face and nowhere to go, he reluctantly agreed and disarmed the grenade.  Tekk then told Marnal that he was currently in the middle of a big shipment that he was actually on his way to deliver and would pay him a large portion of that shipment as a good fair payment.  He surprisingly agreed (thanks to a very fortuitous Triumph symbol coming up on the Deception skill check) and gave Tekk a tracking device which was a bracelet and told him that he would know exactly where he was at, at all times and that if he tried to tamper with the bracelet or jump world, it wouldn’t end well.  He then dismissed the Bounty Hunters who all gave Tekk a dirty look as they left the room.

Are things about to become a little clearer for Tekk and the crew of The Cutter? What does it mean that Asori Farann is a rebel?  Have they made a bargain that they can’t possibly uphold and that will cost their lives?  Find out in my next summary of the continuing adventures of Tekk Deevus and Krussk.