In SPARTA!: Struggle for Greece players will command Athenians or Spartans in a battle to rule the Greek world during the Peloponnesian Wars. To achieve dominance, each side will have to control valuable regions that grant unique benefits including the wealth of Sicily, the fleets of Corinth, or alliances with larger cities like Thebes or Syracuse to provide fresh recruits. Then players must command their armies and navies led by famous leaders to siege enemy cities, defeat armies in open battle and wage war on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

The game is a Card Driven Game and uses a very unique and interesting Battle Card system that can be very hard to plan for but is always chaotic and fun.

If you are interested, we posted an interview with the game’s designer Kris Van Beurden and you can read that at the following link:

You can obtain a copy of the game from the Kickstarter campaign page at the following link: