We came across this pretty cool little solo game called 20th Air Force: A Solitaire Game of the Strategic Bombing Campaign against Japan: 1944-1945 from Fortress Games and gave it a few plays and talked about the game.

The players’ objective to reduce Japan’s cities, large and small, to smoldering rubble through a consistent and relentless bombing campaign using your B-29 bombers. While initially you must focus on clearing the sky of Imperial Japanese Army Air Force (IJAAF) fighters and blasting Japanese war industries with high explosive bombs, eventually you will develop incendiary bombs which rapidly reduce Japan’s combustible wooden and paper cities to ashes, and their dispersed war industries to ruins. Simultaneously, demolish ports and kamikaze bases, and mine the waters around the home island. In the meantime, research marches on, and you might obtain the ultimate weapon, the Atomic Bomb.