The February 2022 Debrief Video sees us discussing our thoughts on the Too Big to Play wargames. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean they don’t have playable options or smaller scenarios but the campaign games would take about 6 months to get through with 4-6 hours each Saturday to play. They just have too many maps (some mentioned have 4-5 maps), too many counters (my hands hurt just thinking about clipping them), or too many hours to play.

Also as usual, we covered the games we played in February and laid out our slate of games to be played in March 2022.

We also talked about our support of the Ukrainian people in their ongoing struggle and placed a nifty looking Ukrainian flag in the lower left hand corner of the video.

Finally, we announced that we have attracted a high quality sponsor for our Monthly Debrief Video Series in Noble Knight Games. The folks at NKG have provided us with the discount code PLAYAID to give users 5% off any purchase.