A Splendid Little War: The Spanish-American War – Santiago Campaign July 1-14, 1898 2nd Edition deals with all aspects of the Santiago Cuba Campaign of 1898. The game covers the entire campaign and includes the Rough Riders, Cuban (and Spanish) Guerillas, Gatling Guns, the US Observation Balloon, Engineers, and just about everything in between. Most of the units are regiments and battalions, and the US regiments can break down into quasi battalion sized units in order to trade off strength for speed, and also to absorb combat loses. The US, with more firepower and better artillery, has the upper hand but the dug in Spanish defenders, the Spanish relief column’s arrival, and the ensuing Yellow fever will take its toll on the US forces and could turn a Splendid Little War into defeat.

We posted an interview with the designer Andy Nunez on the blog just prior to the 2nd Edition releasing and you can read that at the following link: https://theplayersaid.com/2020/12/14/interview-with-any-nunez-designer-of-a-splendid-little-war-the-spanish-american-war-santiago-campaign-july-1-14-1898-2nd-edition-from-legion-wargames/