Wow! We finally did it. We finally called it a day. If you didn’t know, we’ve spent the past few months trying to play all of our WWI games. We did not get it accomplished and I even bought like four more throughout the course of the event! So, here we are at the end of this event, and we wanted to wrap it up with a brief overview of all the games we played, and our thoughts on this mammoth endeavour.

For your ease of use, I have listed all the games we played in the order that we discuss them – which is from simplest to most complex (generally speaking):

  • Soviet Dawn – Worthington Games
  • An Attrition of Souls – Compass Games
  • The Great War – PSC Games
  • Mons 1914 – Conflict Simulations Limited
  • Empire At Sunrise – Hollandspiele
  • At All Costs – Hollandspiele
  • The Lamps Are Going Out (2nd ed.) – Compass Games
  • Europe In Turmoil – Compass Games
  • Red Poppies Campaigns Volume 3: Assault Artillery! – Compass Games
  • Devil Dogs: Belleau Wood 1918 – Worthington Games
  • Gallipoli 1915 – GMT Games
  • Decisive Victory 1918: Soissons – Legion Wargames
  • Paths of Glory – GMT Games

For information’s sake, games we did not play that we owned:

  • Verdun 1916 – Conflict Simulations Limited
  • Breakthrough: Cambrai – MMP

Games that we purchased whilst the event was ongoing and still haven’t played:

  • Great War Commander – Hexasim
  • Rock of the Marne – MMP
  • Verdun Steel Inferno – Fellowship of Simulations
  • World War I Deluxe – Decision Games
  • Pursuit of Glory – GMT Games

…we have a problem… hahaha.

Thanks again for reading and watching, if you have any favourite WWI games out there let us know what they are and what you like about them below!