The next game coming from Catastrophe Games is called USS Laffey: The Ship That Would Not Die. The game is a nail-biting solo game of survival as players try to save their ship from an onslaught of Japanese attackers. The game will be their first roll and write style game, and the first from prolific game designer Mike Heiman (1572 The Lost Expedition, 1972 The Lost Phantom, Guildhaven City and Birdsong). The game won a number of awards in the 2019 Board Game Geek print and play wargame contest. 

Keep in mind that this unboxing is of a prototype copy of the game and is not the final look of the game but I wanted to show you what came in the box. The Kickstarter should be launching soon (I have heard yet this week as well as possibly next week) so keep an eye out!

Here is a link to the Kickstarter preview page: