If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of changes going on over at ConsimWorld with various new services including an updated email newsletter called ConsimWorld Brief and CSW Live!. These new services are in addition to their already existing services including the News and the Forums. John Kranz is a fireball with an enormous amount of energy and has been working really hard to update and upgrade the services that they offer.

Here is a look at the new ConsimWorld Brief, which is a subscription newsletter that highlights “the top curated content from [the] newsdesk”. You can simply enter your email in the bar at the top to subscribe and can opt out at anytime.


We are extremely grateful for this type of medium as it will provide content creators like us exposure to the over 1,800 subscribers to this service that might not see our content on our sites or on the newsdesk. In this inaugural issue, we had two of our recent posts on the blog highlighted including our First Impressions post for War Room from Nightingale Games and our Designer Interview with Ty Bomba for 7 Days to the Rhine: Objective Kassel from Modern War Magazine No. 53 from Stragy & Tactics Press.

CSW Live! is “your direct source for all virtual events and video content for May 2021”. The service offers various events, has a nice calendar that you can review to discover new content and also network and message other members.

This really is a place for live content to be posted that can be scheduled. There are a lot of speakers who have been contributing including Maurice Fitzgerald from Moe’s Game Table, Kev Sharp from Big Board Gaming and Dan Pancaldi with No Enemies Here.

This is a short post but just wanted to share some of the new things coming from ConsimWorld and do my part to spread the word to help them grow. Heaven knows that they have surely helped us by sharing our content!