I am a member of the Jacobin Wargamer Facebook Group and find my associations there very interesting. I was asked by the group founder and moderator Christopher Davis (who is also a blooming wargame designer) to post this call for participation in a new Discord Server.

Here is Christopher’s announcement:

The Jacobin Wargamer Discord server is dedicated to designing & playing innovate war games. Aside from hosting the play of games such as Stellar Horizons, the Dark Valley, and the U.S. Civil War, we also try to connect aspiring designers with playtesters, publishers, and vassal technicians. People interested in creative space to work on their own designs or to watch or playtest works-in-progress, are welcome to join the server here: https://discord.gg/mRn5KAM

As an informal incubator, we aim to accomplish the following:

– fulfill a mandate to design innovative & engaging war games

– help with gaming basics, from conceptualization to building prototypes

– publication of a cradle-to-publish guide

– playtesting support, including livestreaming test runs, etc

– networking, including w/ other designers, publishers, & technicians (i.e. vassal experts)

– access to a private channel on the server as a creative space

– Livestreaming events (undetermined point in the future)

If you are interested, I encourage you to check it out. I know that the dialog should be very interesting and is a great opportunity for new and budding wargame designers to get feedback and connect with playtesters.