The design and development team for An Attrition of Souls (designed by Scott Leibbrandt with art by Bill Morgal), which is an upcoming game to be published by Compass Games, is looking for playtesters!

An Attrition of Souls is a 2-player entry level wargame meant to cover the First World War in a 30-90 minute play time. The game uses a unique tile-draw system to determine reinforcements and the entry of neutral powers into the conflict. AAOS also features a novel combat system wherein both sides use the same die rolls to determine losses, simulating the horrific attrition of The Great War.

Playtesters will determine if any of the optional rules included in the design have unbalanced the game. If you are familiar with Vassal and are willing to play both sides solo or have a friend to play with, please consider helping out the design team.

If you are interested, Bill Morgal will provide testers with rules and a Vassal module. Interested parties can contact Bill at

We are working to figure out a good way to post these type of announcements on the front page of our blog so keep an eye out and check back often for updates and new opportunities.