Over the past year, I have been working with designers on interviews regarding their upcoming games, or in some cases, games that have been published for a while but that I am very interested in. One interview that I started, and still have been unable to get finished, is with David Jones covering his upcoming game Almost a Miracle, which covers the American Revolutionary War in the north and will appear soon in Against the Odds Magazine.

At the time I started looking into that game, I noticed that there was a predecessor published in 2010 called Tarleton’s Quarter! The Revolutionary War in the South. I reached out to the designer Mike Josyln and he very graciously agreed to my interview and also insisted that he send a copy of Against the Odds #28 so I could have his game. I was very excited and finally received the magazine a few weeks ago. Thanks much Mike! I am currently working on the interview with Mike and hope to be able to get that one finished prior to finishing the interview with David Jones.

Here is a link to the Board Game Geek game page so you can get a look at what the game is about in more detail: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/38836/tarletons-quarter