A few months ago, Brian Train asked me if we would be willing to play and give a few thoughts on the game play for the follow-up effort to Days of Ire: Budapest 1956 from Cloud Island called Nights of Fire: Battle for Budapest. Days was a game of the revolution and its efforts to take over the area and eliminate Soviet influence. Nights is a follow-up to the Hungarian revolutionaries success in part one, and this game starts as the Red Army arrives at the edge of the capital and pushes into the heart of the city; bent on retribution, destruction, and ruthless pursuit of control. For the players in charge of the Hungarian defence there is no time left for organizing and sedition. This is a hopeless war of survival, plain and simple.

Nights of Fire

The game is working toward a Kickstarter campaign soon and we will be giving this game a play and shooting a video with our initial thoughts for use as a part of the campaign. I also am working with co-designer Brian Train on an interview about the design that will hopefully be out sometime in February.

Remember, these components are not yet finalized and are still under review. As you can see, the back of the box is blank. The game is very nice looking and the art by Kwanchai Moriya, Katalin Nimmerfroh and Zak Eidsvoog is exceptionally well done and very thematic!