Publisher:  Catalyst Game Labs

Designer: Many

Players: 2-6

Time: ???

Dragonfire is a co-operative deck building game set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.  In this game, each player will be part of a group of adventures out in the lands going through “Adventures” with “Scenes” in them to level up your character and eventually enter new and more dangerous lands.  There are different “scenarios” as you play that will change the game slightly.  The game we played at Gen Con during our demo was simply destroying monsters.  If you clear the table of monsters 3 times, you win the Adventure.  A scene will be finished each time you clear the monsters.  At the start of every round, each player will get an Encounter put in front of them.  At this time the only encounters are Monsters and Locations.  On your turn, you simply look around the board and decide which monsters to attack.  You can attack anyone’s Encounters since you are all considered to be in the same party.  AND each player can play cards to assist you on your turn, as well as you can play cards on other’s turns to assist them.


Defeating Encounters works the same way.  Each Encounter will have a series of icons listed on the right side indicating what attacks will work against them.  You simply have to play cards that have those attack abilities to destroy it.  The thing is you have to attack them from top to bottom, without skipping levels.  If you do partial damage to a level and don’t finish it, it will reset when your attacking is done.

When you are done attacking the Encounters will attack you back.  Any Encounters you were able to kill during your turn are discarded and everyone gets gold based on the Encounter card.

At the end of your turn, you can go to the market to buy more cards that will give you bigger and better attacks.


As you play Scenes and Adventures, you will earn Experience points allowing you to upgrade your character, which involves placing stickers on them to give them individual abilities, in between Adventures.


  • Everything!!!
  • This game is really simple at it’s core.  Attack and go to the market to get new cards. You can teach it quickly and pick it up just as quickly BUT there is so much strategy in this game.  Things will ramp up really quickly and you will have this AHA moment where you will figure out that the players really need to communicate and figure out the best way to attack these Encounters.  Assisting others is crucial for success.  As the game progresses, things will quickly get more intense.
  • The leveling up aspect for characters is awesome!  You will need to play many times to be able to unlock bigger and better stuff but just the range of options are incredible.  There are over 100 stickers that can be used in the base game, and if you get the character pack, that’s another 100+.  Combinations are endless!


  • Expansions Galore!  I put this as a neutral because even though I am so excited about the potential for this game and the things they could add to make it even more vast…..it’s gunna cost me!!  I can imagine more encounters, more adventures and even bringing in new mechanisms.  The wallet is going to suffer!!  It’s going to be awesome but I know as soon as something comes out I will probably get it.


  • Content…..other than the character upgrades, the rest of the game just doesn’t seem to have a lot there.  Most of the Encounters are going to keep showing up as are the Adventures.  There are a decent amount of Characters to play in the base game but the Character Pack adds another 36.  I just kinda wish everything in the base game was doubled, especially for the price.

Final Thoughts


I BOUGHT IT!!  I came in interested to try it out and this was the game that I walked out of Gen Con having purchased.  I can’t wait to get started on my Adventure and leveling up my character to make it mine.  This has so much potential for being a true RPG in card form.  I can envision myself sitting at my computer with my party going out into the world killing monsters and seeing new areas, only in person talking and making memories.  I can’t wait to pick my character, set my skills and make myself unique to the group to help out in anyway possible!  Bring on the Encounters!!!