Not Alone CoverNot Alone is a new game from Stronghold Games that I purchased at Origins 2017. The game is an assymetric card game where one player takes on the role of an alien presence trying to hunt and assimilate a group of stranded space explorers before they can be rescued. The players have to travel to and from 10 different location cards that makeup the surface of the planet by playing a copy of that location card from their hand facedown, hidden from the hunter. The alien then must deduce from their previously played cards (if there are any in their discard piles) where the players could be traveling to and then choose those locations with their creature token. If he guesses right, he takes the players will and moves ever closer to assimilating the group. The game plays quickly, in about 30 minutes, and is extremely fun and interactive. We have really enjoyed this one and have played it together some 11 times since mid-June. Great fun!