I have been searching for a good Normandy invasion wargame for a long time and I think I may have found one, although it is a really BIG game. Containing four 22″ x 34″ maps, 8 counter sheets with over 2,200 counters, 4 set up charts and over 15 scenarios, this game definitely is big. The best part about this monster though is that the rules are not overly complex. The Standard Combat System (SCS) is a somewhat old school approach to wargaming, which is good in many ways. What used to work will still work, but maybe it doesn’t have the chrome that more modern designs add. I have recently been playing more modern and sophisticated systems but I like a good game that hearkens back to the basics as it aids in getting the game to the table and actually results in me enjoying playing it rather than having to study the rules for a month before you dare to “dip your toe” in the water.  Things like ZOCs, tracing supply, factor driven odds based CRTs, DRMs, TECs, exploitation, etc. are used and will be very familiar to many of you who decide to give this game a try. Overall, the rules are clean, understandable, and create an experience immersing the players in the intricacies of and feeling of WWII combat.