Thankfully things on the Kickstarter front seem to be slowing down a bit……kinda? Slowing down as in going from Ludicrous Speed to HyperDrive.  There are still plenty of games to be on the lookout for and tempting to back.  This week seems to be the week of reprints or second editions to games.  Here are the games we are interested in this month….In literally a day since typing this opening paragraph, 2 new games came out….so much for a slow month!!!



Publisher: Game Salute

Designer: Tim Heerema

This just came out today and it is so unique and interesting, I just had to back it.  Exploration…check….unique mechanism…check….beautiful on the table….check….worker placement….check.  Just the player boards alone have me so interested I can’t hold back.  There seems to be a ton going on here and I can’t wait to find out.  There are different level of spells that you can accrue and there seems to be individual decks for each player.  The only thing this game needs that I want is deck building.


Zombicide: Green Horde

Publisher: CMON

Designer: Raphael Guiton, Jean-Baptiste and Nicolas Raoult

No one in our group had Zombicide until recently Alexander traded for it.  He now wants Green Horde to go with it.  Green Horde can be played as a standalone game or it can be added to Black Plague.  The evolution of zombies in Zombicide could only get to this level.  The original Zombicide gave us normal human zombies while Black Plague took us to the realm of Fantasy and now we get Zombie Orcs, Goblins, etc.  What could be more terrifying than a zombie troll hunting you down……spiders?  Alexander will be looking forward to bringing this to the group when it arrives.


Lords of Hellas

Publisher: Awaken Realms

Designer: Adam Kwapinski

I feel like it is my turn to step into the grand miniature, area control, combat game. Alexander has Cyclades and backed Rising sun after Grant’s feet got frostbite.  Grant already has Kemet.  This is my turn to get into the genre.  One thing that sold me on Hellas is the theme, Mythology.  I am also a huge fan of multiple victory conditions.  In Hellas, you can win by controlling cities, temples or regions.  The combat seems quick and easy but has just the right amount of strategy.  It seems like one of those games where things can end quickly if your not paying attention to what others are doing.  The miniatures also look amazing!  Can’t wait til this one comes!


Saratoga 1777

Publisher: Worthington Publishing

Designer: Grant Wylie and Mike Wylie

This is Grant’s entry to the list this week….notice that it is under Watching.  This is a war game using blocks with stickers that have been used in previous games from this publisher.  On your turn, you will use action points to lead either the British or the Colonies during the Revolutionary War.  This seems right up Grant’s alley.  It also plays in just 2 hours, so you can get the big war feel in a very reasonable time.  There seems to be an interesting implementation of the battle system with a completely different battle board for each skirmish.


Publisher:  Pandasaurus Games

Designer: Hisashi Hayashi

I think the only reason this game is on the list is due to the designer and his past.  We just recently played Yokohama and were blown away by how good it was…..I feel like this would be a huge let down.  That being said, it is still being watched….like a fourth doughnut in the morning, knowing it could be delicious or it could put you into a full sugar coma.