Seriously 2017……..STOP ALREADY!  I don’t remember the last time that there have been so many quality looking Kickstarters this late in the year but man there are plenty and it doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon.  There are not a lot that we have funded right now but there are plenty on the border and I am sure one, if not two, will trigger sooner than later.  Some of us here at The Players’ Aid are putting their money where there mouth is…..while others <cough>GRANT<cough> need to man up….


Here are the May Kickstarters that The Players’ Aid is interested in….

Coming SOON…

ELO Darkness…..MAY 16TH

I am SUPER excited about this one.  I was lucky to get a Preview Copy of ELO Darkness. But that is not why I am excited.  If you are like me and have ever played a MOBA style video game, like DOTA or League of Legends, you should be excited also.  I have dabbled in the realm enough to know what to do, but not played enough to get really good at it….but I love the idea of a MOBA style board game.  Each player will have a deck of cards that have both Heroes and lesser allys.  You continue to battle down a series of three paths until on player over takes the others base.  The thing that really excites me about this game is the Simultaneous Action Selection during the deployment phase.  I really like the thought of that!  When done right, the tension during that mechanism can be something special.  Look for my Preview of ELO Darkness in the upcoming weeks.  I will add the Kickstarter link when available.


Clans of Caledonia

Publisher: Karma Games

Designer: Juma Al-JouJou

This was a no brainer for me.  It looks beautiful on the table and there are so many chunky pieces.  And the game play really looks interesting.  There is a territory/route system going on in this game that makes things interesting.  When you go to claim a spot in the world, you choose what type of resource you want to make it.  Sheep, cow, grain are all things you need to gather… order to make more advanced goods such as cheese, bread and whiskey.  You choose the resource and place it from your player board to the map…..the thing is, when you harvest those….the spot on your player mat gets covered up by that resource.  SO, the more of that resource you have out in the world the more you can harvest, but each time you harvest the same resource before planting new fields, the less you will be harvesting.  IT sounds like a really cool mechanism to challenge your every move.


Sailing Towards Osiris

Publisher:  Daily Magic Games

Designer: W. David MacKenzie

I am all for unique and interesting worker placement games.  One of the unique things about this game is that there are random specific workers available each round.  They are not always the same. This one looks great and has some interesting ideas going on…..BUT there is a heavy dose of negotiation and bartering.  I don’t mind those things….I just really, really suck at them.  I never know what is a good value.  I always think I know what I am doing but in the end it doesn’t work out for me.  When you go to a city you get to draw a card and then you can haggle to give it to other players.  It just really scares me in a game.


Barbarians: The Invasion

Publisher: Tabula Games

Designers:  Martino Chiacchiera, Mattia Ciaccasassi and Pierluca Zizzi

Oh man…..I am so split on this one……GRANT!  The theme seems great and….worker placement with area control.  I am not even sure how the worker placement works but the volcano is just so cool.  The game play seems simple to teach and learn but has some deep levels of strategy.  The worker placement reminds me of AquaSphere where your leader has to follow a path to activate your robots but certain areas are connected.  So, depending on which spot you first go to on the volcano, only certain actions will be available on the next level.  That forces you to look at all the levels of the volcano to be sure you can get the spots you really want….but you might have to take a lesser action to make sure you get the ones you really want……oh man….how can I resist?????  Did I also mention the volcano rotates when you use certain gods’ powers so you can manipulate it to help you out but also mess other people up……..I HAVEN’T EVEN TALKED ABOUT THE AREA CONTROL PART!!!


Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage

Publisher:  Avalon Hill

Designer:  Mark Simonitch

Haninibal &amp; Hamilcar

I put this on the list for Alexander and Grant…..just dangling that carrot in front of them….Please comment and put some pressure on them to back it.  I have heard great things about this game but I am just not interested personally.  First off, its a 2 player game, and since my wife is the gamer I play with the most, she would not care for it.  The thing that does stand out for me are the strategy cards.  I love using cards for different reasons so, this seems right up my ally…..I am just not big into LONG 2 player war games.


Card City XL

Publisher:  AVStudioGames

Designer:  Alban Viard

This is on my list for the quick little more than a filler type game it is for a good price…..but I am not sold on it yet.  There is a tasty little “I split, you choose” mechanism in it that I do love.  Not only that but the cards you do split only some of them are face up, meaning some of them are hidden information from the other player.  That SOUNDS FANTASTIC…..but sadly that is the only thing that I see good from this game.  I also like the idea of there being different win conditions meaning one game you can play for an industrial win while the next time you play it could be a business victory.  It changes each game, every one works toward the same victory condition but it changes from game to game. I’m not counting it out yet but……