I want to start a new series that consists of writing about certain things in the board gaming hobby that I have a Love/Hate relationship with.  Each week, I will take a look at a specific game, mechanism, designer, publisher, etc. and talk about the things I love about it and the reasons why it hates ME!

I am notorious for not winning in my group.  There are times when I surprise everyone and get a solid victory though, but my goal is to mainly have lots of fun and give the others a challenge at least.  There are many things in games that have a vendetta against me…..mainly using my brain.  I will start this series with something as simple as the Board Game Hobby as a whole.

The Board Game Hobby


The-Game-of-LoveI absolutely love the variety that playing games gives me.  There is such a variety of games out there for every occasion that you could literally have a game everywhere you go for any reason.  I love that I have a group that likes to get together and hang out and laugh with (or at), be jerks to, gang up on, cry with, and challenge.  I love that there are games out there for me to spend more time with my family.  My wife and kids constantly keep me humble at home away from my merciless gaming group.  There are so many fun games to play with my family that are not Uno, Sorry and Trouble.  I love that there are games that I can play with large groups of people at family gatherings or special occasions as well that help in developing and deepening those relationships.


My wallet and I HATE that there are so many games to keep up with.  Every time I turn around there is another game I want to get…..new or old.  I just can never keep up!  It is a good hate to have but a hate none the less.  Especially when we have a blog to write for now, the pressure is even higher to get the newest games in order to play them and then to get the word out about how they are.  That leaves very little time to play older games that we enjoy. Being a teacher and having 4 kids, with #5 on the way, doesn’t make it any better.  AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON KICKSTARTER!!!  Does anyone have a game that they love that I should check out….I mean….dang it!