Turning Point Simulations has created a line of games based on the Creasy/Mitchell book on 20 Decisive Battles in the history of the world.  I am sure there was a lot of discussion about what battles to include but there is no doubt that no one has ever questioned the selection of Midway as THE decisive battle of the Pacific War. All agree that this one changed everything, as the Japanese plan to “lure” the remaining US fleet, after the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, to its ultimate destruction led to a strategic defeat, due to code breaking, heroism, and remarkable timing.

In our first play of this very unique and interesting game, playing as the US I was able to spot the Japanese Midway Invasion Force that included the aircraft carrier Zuiho along with heavy cruiser (CA) division 4 and destroyer divisions (DD) 2 and 9 on their way to invade Midway Island. Because I was unspotted and entered their space I was granted a surprise round where I was able to launch my attacks without the Japanese being able to fire back in the first round.

With this advantage, I rolled several 6 sided dice and hit on rolls of 4-6 whereas normally without surprise you typically only hit on a 5-6 or on an outright 6. I was able to outright sink the heavy cruiser division 4 and damage both destroyer divisions. Combat then ensued and the Japanese decided to run as they were significantly damaged. Before they could get out of range, I was able to hit DD division 2 with two more hits sinking it. I was able to sink two of his ships and damage one but I also was hit 3 times each on my DD divisions. In this game, each ship requires 4 hits to be sunk.

In the end, the battle was a victory for the US leading to a total of 13 Victory Points being scored (7 for sinking a CV, 5 for sinking a DD and 1 point for damaging the other DD) and 2 VP for the Japanese as they damaged 2 US ships.

One other significant part of the battle was that I was able to do this damage without using up my aircraft and was able to hold them in reserve to run down and finish off the Zuiho in future combat.

Here is the link to Action Point 2 – Yorktown Chases Down Zuiho.


SBD Dauntless dive bombers advance toward the smoking Mikuma Cruiser to finish it off during fighting in the Battle of Midway.