I am usually not a fan of just 2 player games but I love when games play great with 2 players since the majority of my gaming is played with my wife.  For me a great game plays great at all player counts.  This list is compiled of games that have multiple player counts but I think are great with just 2 players.  I will do a post another time for just 2 player games but for now here are the Best 3 Games with…2 Players!

3. Above and Below by Red Raven Games

Red Raven Games are a big hit or miss company for me.  I either really like the game or really dislike the game.  Above and Below is great with only 2 players.  It plays about the same as other player counts but it just seems to flow much better with 2.  Passing the exploration book around the table can get a bit annoying but with 2 players it is just you read and then they read.  Turns go pretty quick and the down time can be minimal with only 2.  With more players down time can be an issue if everyone is exploring.  Then it gets to your turn, it takes 2 seconds to do your turn then you are waiting some more.  The game is great but I really love it at 2 players.  This is a Red Raven Game I will be keeping around

2.  Deus by Asmodee

I love when games have modular boards due to the fact that they usually play great with multiple player counts.  Deus is just that!  The modular board makes the area control part of the game extremely smooth at all player counts.  As with Above and Below I feel the quick turn around in a 2 player turn also helps with this at a lower level of players.  Three players is probably the best player count for this game but it also plays great at 2 player.  This can also drag a bit with a higher player count especially late in the game when you are triggering so many combinations, but with 2 players your turn comes back pretty quick.  But unlike Above and Below, your turn can be very rewarding and satisfying when you complete the perfect avalanche of actions.  I will play Deus at all player counts but with 2 it works great.

1.  Seasons by Libellud


Seasons is by far and away the best 2 player game that I love to play that supports all player counts.  The initial play can be a bit daunting understanding the cards and how they interact with each other, but once you both know how to play the game it runs so smooth and quick.  I am not great at drafting games, so with only 2 players I am able to remember the cards that I am passing or keeping and what cards may be coming back to me.  The turns in this game with only 2 players go so quickly that you sometimes move too fast and forget to do something.  You can also have a more consistent plan for your opponent than having to worry about 2 other people screwing with you.  I can’t recommend this game enough for 2 players.  I hope when I am 80 years old, my wife and I will still be playing this fantastic game at 2 players.