HOLY CRAP….March is brutal when it comes to Kickstarter.  My guess is that this is the last month to push to get your game and expansions out in time to be ready for either Essen or the end of the year to squeeze it into 2017.  My wallet is going to be drained at the end of this month.  But here are the games The Players’ Aid is looking at this month on Kickstarter….


Dinosaur Island

Publisher:  Pandasaurus Games

Designers:  Jon Gilmore and Brian Lewis

This is by the designer of Dead of Winter: A Long Night fame, Jon Gilmore….you have my attention!  Build a Jurassic Park ….. SOLD!  As the description of the game….In Dinosaur Island, players will have to collect DNA, research the DNA sequences of extinct dinosaur species and then combine the ancient DNA in the correct sequence to bring these prehistoric creatures back to life.  Dino cooking!  All players will compete to build the most thrilling park each season, and then work to attract (and keep alive!) the most guests each season that the park opens.  I love the idea of building a dinosaur park and hatching eggs to attract guests.  I have always been a huge fan of the video game Roller Coaster Tycoon and this theme makes it even more enticing.   There is kind of a hefty price on this one if you want the Deluxe version, but it says Deluxe….so I have to buy it right?


Thunderstone Quest

Publisher:  AEG

Designer:  Mike Elliott

I love Thunderstone Advance!  Grant has it in our group and for a straight up deck builder it is hard to beat.  I know Alexander cringes at the very thought of having a dungeon crawl game with only cards but it is good.  I have been waiting for an affordable way to get Thunderstone……and this was not it!  The normal game comes with only one “Quest” where as the upgraded version, which is quite pricey for a card game, comes with 3 Quests. The main difference with this new version is that there are different dungeons that you will go into with each dungeon having their own unique characteristics.  So each quest you go on should feel different, more than just having different monsters to fight.  Sounds like it will have plenty of replayablility and interesting decisions even before you start playing!

Champions of Midgard: The Expansions

Publisher:  Grey Fox Games

Designer:  Ole Steiness

We love Champions of Midgard!  A solid, tight worker placement with some custom warrior dice and just a pinch of player interaction in a great theme.  Why would I not want the expansions?  There are actually two different expansions.  The Dark Mountains comes with a whole slew of things including a fifth player, a new land to explore, new enemies to tackle and some archer warrior dice to combat them with.  That right there would be good enough for me to have, but there is more!  About the only thing we were missing from a true Viking game in the original CoM was VALHALLA!!!  We will be true Vikings with this expansion….with additional leader abilities, new leader dice and another resource to manage….like meat and wood weren’t enough.  Oh, I forgot to mention EPIC MONSTERS! Seriously, I can’t wait!  Even my son loves playing this game and passing the Blame to his parents.  This can’t come fast enough.


Raiders of the North Sea: Expansions

Publisher:  Garphill Games

Designer: Shem Phillips

Stop me if you have heard this already….Vikings, worker placement, pillaging, Valhalla. Yeah, this is another one.  I really love the progression in this game and how things go from measly actions to all out destruction of villages.  So, I am really looking forward to the expansions.  This game again has two different expansions that can be played with the original game.  The first expansion is the Fields of Fame.  In this expansion Jarls have awoken to defend the villages from our brutal attacks.  You will lose crew members but their loss will not be in vain….you will collect victory points in their honor.  The second expansion is Hall of Heroes.  In this expansion, a Mead Hall is introduced to give more strength to your crew as you go into battle.  But this only means more resources to manage as you go about your Viking life.  Both of these expansions intrigue me and can only make a great game better.



Food Truck Champion

Publisher:  Daily Magic Games

Designer:  Nicole Jekich and Luke Turpeinen

Okay, I am a sucker for unique themes and you can’t get more unique than food trucks, although I feel like the basic mechanics have been done to death.  You have a food truck, hire staff, gather ingredients, fulfill orders.  That is basically the whole idea.  I love the theme in this one but not sure it will be enough for me to jump on.  It says that the game takes 60 minutes which surprises me because there doesn’t seem to be very many things in the game.  Big games in small packages are a plus for me and the price point seems to be just right.  Not a lot of time on this one so jump over quick if it strikes your fancy!


The Pirate Republic

Publisher:  Green Feet Games

Designer:  Tom Butler

I love the pirate theme!  I am always looking for a great pirate game….sadly many fall flat.  I have not found a pirate game that I truly love….this one might be it.  It looks like it has some Mage Knight kinda enemies and the map looks really great.  The one thing that is kinda throwing me off is the roll and move mechanism.  It also seems to have a side bit of co-op or “teamwork” as the page suggests.  There also seems to be a bit of randomness in the initiative dice…..and dice don’t like me one bit.  It still has some time but with all the other Kickstarters collecting around the same time, this one might not make the list.

Rising Sun

Publisher:  Cool Mini Or Not Games

Designer:  Eric Lang

I will admit that I am not interested in backing this game…..but Grant is!!  He is having a hard time deciding to pull the trigger though.  He has not gotten into the Kickstarter thing, but he is itchin’ for this one.  We are all fans of Blood Rage and to me this theme sounds better than Vikings.  The minis do look fantastic, I am just not a big fan of CMoN. If this is anything like Blood Rage but given time to expand on it, it will be great.  You can do it Grant!


See you in April!