The other day, I received the following email from GMT Games regarding a new Euro-friendly Shipping Option for P500 Orders. I know I have read on social media the time lag for those GMT lovers in Europe and concerns about the VAT charges and shipping costs from the US and it is really cool to see this option is being offered as a solution. Here is the gist of the announcement:

This note is to inform and update all of our European customers about the details of the Euro-friendly P500 option that we have been testing with our friends at Second Chance Games in the UK. After months of testing the process, we are now ready to give you official details of how this will work for your P500 orders as we move forward in 2017. Here are the key points:

  1. You are eligible to use this Euro-friendly P500 shipping option if your delivery address for P500 orders is anywhere in Europe, including Eastern Europe and Russia. (but see #6 for note to non-EU countries)
  2. This program is for P500 orders ONLY. Because it is a bulk processing agreement, we do not currently have the ability to use it for individual non-P500 orders. When we bring our new system online sometime in January, it will include a fast-ship Euro-friendly option for all other orders.
  3. Beginning with 2017 P500 shipments, (and hopefully coinciding with our new systems being up and running) you’ll need to choose a new shipping option when you make your P500 orders. Choose the “Euro Friendly P500 Orders via SCG -VAT PREPAID to EU” shipping option. If you have existing P500 orders that are scheduled to ship in 2017 or later, please go into your account and update those orders with the new Euro-friendly shipping option. (We can’t do this by batch for you guys because we have no way of knowing who will choose to use this option). It is especially urgent that you update your shipping type if you have a P500 order for FIELDS OF DESPAIR, which may well ship in January before our new systems are in place.
  4. Note that European shipments using any other shipping type besides this one will be subject to normal VAT and delivery charges when they get to you, as always.
  5. Note that this Euro friendly option will cost you more – roughly $7-12 –  than our previous surface shipping would have, but all shipping, delivery, and VAT charges to EU countries are prepaid by us. What you pay when we charge a game will be your final landed charge. When you consider what VAT alone would be on a $70 game + shipping, we think this option will save quite a lot for you EU customers overall (with essentially a VAT discount where we are paying part of it and the removal of those annoying delivery charges).
  6. For European customers who do not live in an EU country: You ARE still eligible to use this shipping option. Your game will ship from the UK, not the US, so it’s likely this will save you on delivery charges – and perhaps Customs and VAT charges. But we can’t at this time guarantee any of those savings for any country outside the EU because local laws vary from country to country. So please verify your country’s rules and policies regarding VAT and Customs incoming from the UK before you choose this P500 shipping option so you’ll know whether you’re likely to incur any additional VAT/Customs charges.

We will provide a reminder note to update your account as well as details on our individual (non-P500) order fast shipping option as we approach our new systems launch in January.

I hope this information is helpful, and that this new Euro-friendly option will make P500 ordering easier and less costly for each of you.

Enjoy the games!