After repaying a portion of his debt to Marnal for the Cutter, and after making a very shrewd trade of his fancy and very fast speeder bike for a more serviceable model with Mephistopholes (Lieutenant Dannek), Tekk agreed to assist Razor Squadron in breaking out a very high value captive being held by the Empire in the underbelly of the Kuat Drive Yards and finding plans for a secret Imperial project.

The plan involved the team infiltrating a Research and Development Center via the sewers (always seems to be the best way to get into a highly secured area) disguised as maintenance technicians to access their mainframe to steal plans to a top secret Imperial project for the development of a new type of cruiser that is more powerful than a Star Destroyer. As the team geared up and made their way to the entrance of the sewers, all of a sudden Tekk had a bad feeling about the deal. He all of a sudden remembered that he was almost killed the last time on Kessel breaking out Adros Vict and felt like he was maybe being used.  As they were about to enter, he spoke up and stated, “I’m sick and tired of getting taken advantage of!” Razor Squadron stopped dead in their tracks and Commander Talon came aggressively toward Tekk. He thought to himself that he was finally getting her attention but at that very moment, she hauled off, drew back her fist and punched him square in the face! This caused Tekk to lose his balance and fall into the waist deep stinking water but he didn’t care about that or the throbbing pain in his nose, but felt that he was finally getting somewhere with her. Talon said “You low down filthy gutter rat! All you care about is the pay day. If you wanted more money, all you had to do was ask.”  This was what he wanted and Tekk responded, “You hit like a girl!” which caused a quick laugh to break out amount the team which was quickly silenced with the icy glare of Commander Talon. “If you’re done pouting, we need to get going as we are on a schedule! Or are you just going to sit there and bleed?” Tekk suddenly felt something akin to attraction for Commander Talon and quickly had to push those feelings down deep so that he could focus on the mission and not get himself killed.

The sewer water was up to their waists and was definitely carrying several different types of diseases. Tekk thought that he would definitely be asking the Rebels for a vaccination once the job was done! As they moved down the sewers, they saw a light up ahead that appeared to be moving toward them. Commander Talon motioned to everyone to get down under the water as they needed to hide from the search party. Once the light became brighter, they all submerged into the filthy water and held their breath until a hover craft passed over top of them and then moved into the next drainage area.


As they came up for air, Krussk complained that something just brushed up against his leg! Then all of a sudden, up came a Dianoga or “garbage squid” that grabbed Krussk’s leg and tried to drag him under the water. This was a huge mistake for the squid as Krussk recovered quickly due to his great strength and beat it to a pulp with his vibroaxe. Tekk swore that he saw Krussk take a bite out of the filthy thing but couldn’t be sure! He thought “Why does he put such gross things in his mouth on purpose?!?” With no further trouble, they found the data storage area and entered only to encounter about a dozen Stormtroopers who confronted them and asked what their business here was. Tekk stepped up and using his scoundrel’s charm, simply explained that the team was here to lock down a leaking reactor and that the area was not safe and that they should leave immediately. Tekk seemed very pleased with himself for the fine deception until all of a sudden they checked the log and saw that no such order had been given. With that, Tekk pulled out his blaster and easily dispatched two of them while Krussk mauled one nearby. This obviously wasn’t part of the plan as Commander Talon screamed at Tekk telling him to get out of their way so they could dispatch the remaining guards. Tekk thought to himself that her tone, while harsh, seemed to have a twinge of care for his well being. The battle heated up until finally Razor Squadron was able to clear their left flank that allowed them an opportunity to run for cover under suppressing fire, and set up a proper firing position to eliminate the remaining 6 guards. This fight was loud enough though that they would be under the gun and would need to hurry with their objectives before reinforcements arrived.


The team then split up into two crews, with Razor squadron looking for the data ports while Tekk and Krussk set charges to blow up the area. While doing this, Tekk was able to skillfully hack into the system and found out where the prisoner cell block was located adjacent to the area where the charges would detonate. He read the roster and saw that several of the inmates were Rebel spies or agents and noticed that one cell (#22A) listed a prisoner but had no name or information. When the job was done, he decided it would be an added bonus to investigate this no named prisoner.

While working to hack the locks on the doors to the cell block, Tekk actually caused the failsafe to activate which dropped a magnetically charged iron bar into the door. Krussk muscled up and with 3 deft strokes, disabled the lock and opened the door. Inside they found cell #22A and opened the cell to find an elderly man who said his name was Yuno Ciiid and that he was a Rebel agent. Commander Talon recognized the name but couldn’t remember who he was so she contacted Mephistopholes and he told her Yuno was a former Rebel agent from nearly 20 years ago who had disappeared while on an important mission and was never heard from again. He ordered Talon to bring him in for questioning so the team was able to convince him to come with them and they exited the cell block only to encounter several Stormtroopers who were no match for Tekk’s convincing demeanor and blaster bolts. The team then blew the charges and left the sewers to return to Mephistopholes with their newly acquired information and this mysterious out of date Rebel agent in tow.

When the team arrived back at the shop, Yuno Ciiid was able to tell everyone a little about himself and Mephistopholes was excited that he had returned. They did some research on him and found that he had been ordered directly by Jedi Knights so he must be important. Yuno demanded that he be taken to the planet Hoth in the Outer Rim to deliver some very important information to contacts there. Tekk agreed to take him and he said that he would compensate them well for the trip which would take about 3 weeks. Tekk and Krussk said their good byes to Razor squadron and Tekk wanted to give a special sendoff to Commander Talon. He approached her, grabbed her very forcefully and gave her a long and deep kiss. She didn’t fight it, which was a good sign, and when it was over she also didn’t reach for her blaster or slap him. Tekk was surprised and thought that she was pleased but then remembered the pain in his nose and immediately became confused. They were then paid a sum of 2,500 credits for assisting with the mission and Krussk complained when he was reminded that Ulek would get 15% of the take or 375 credits. He just doesn’t get the deal that they have with the little guy.

Who is this Yuno Ciiid character and why does he need to get to Hoth so badly? There isn’t enough life there to fill a space cruiser. Were they flying into a trap that they might not be able to get themselves out of this time?  Find out next time in their continuing adventures.