As in any war, during World War II there was great effort by the political machines of each nation to spread their philosophy and in many instances force change on a conquered or liberated people. In Churchill, this battle of ideologies is waged with Pol-Mil activities which include building a base of support by placing Clandestine Markers (we refer to them as tiddlywinks) in a country or colony, and then once a base or foundation is there, capping it off by placing Political Markers (we refer to them as cylinders). The players will score Victory Points at the end of the game for these political victories; 3VP for a Political Marker in a country and 1VP for having a Clandestine Marker.

During our conference in late 1944, Stalin (played by me) focused on winning all three of the Pol-Mil issues on the table. This provided the Russians with 4 Political Markers and 8 Clandestine Markers and allowed for a significant increase in their influence in the Eastern Bloc countries.

Stalin doesn’t win often, but when he does it is a thing of beauty!


The Russians would hold “elections” and stage coups in order to seat their puppets in places of power to be able to control the Eastern Bloc and maintain Communist ideologies.

As you can see from the next picture, the Russians added influence in 9 countries by the end of the 8th conference. This presence would lead to 27VPs from the Political Markers at game’s end and be a major reason for their resounding victory.