Welcome to a series of After Action Reports from GMT’s Enemy Coast Ahead. This Solitaire game designed by Jeremy White covers the raids carried out during Operation Chastise on strategic dams in Germany’s industrial heart during World War II. The hope was that doing so would drain the life blood of the Nazi war Machine as well as cause physical damage to its military production.


Attack on Mӧhne Dam

The scenario starts with the first wave circling high above the Mӧhne Dam, with Wing Commander Gibson circling near and preparing for his bombing run. As he dove to approach the dam the flak came in thick and fast, and his Lancaster was damaged from a particularly potent salvo. Gibson was forced to pull up after moving from the far to the near approach box and taking more damage, luckily he was able to avoid that damage by using his wing commander bonus token to reroll the flak check.


In doing so Gibson was able to give a dummy run token to Young who was able to make it to the near approach box and return fire on the Dam’s defenses. AJ-A’s gunners successfully knocked out a flak emplacement reducing the defense level by one. Unfortunately the small victory was short lived as their Upkeep bounced wildly over the Dam and Young’s plane was damaged by the concussive blast.


Both Maltby and Knight set up their runs next but were unsuccessful in damaging the Dam, Maltby dropped a bomb and missed and Knight didn’t drop his Upkeep. That being said AJ-N, piloted by the New Zealander; Knight, was able to knock out another flak emplacement, making it easier for the next few bombers. By this time the flak level was down considerably, which made the subsequent bomb runs much less lethal for my bombers.

The next run was conducted by Shannon who made a very fast go at the damn, and ended up dropping his Upkeep late in the ‘close’ box! This calls for an extra roll of the dice before wp-1472434508525.jpgcalculating the release results, and usually equates to a negative modifier. However luck was with Shannon and his crew because he rolled a 6 which actually adds a +1 to the release phase! A perfect bounce! The upkeep struck the damn inflicting.. 2 points of damage.. the bomb basically just pecked at the surface.

 Martin, buoyed by the apparent success of Shannon and the way being cleared of most flak, set up a run at the Dam that started with great promise. There was little to distract the pilot and the bombardier, so when the Upkeep was released there was a resounding cheer as the bomb skipped on the water, once, twice and BOOM! The waters being held back by the Mӧhne Dam started to flow and flood freely into the valley below causing chaos and damage to some major industrial centres.


The mission was deemed a ‘Costly Job’, as the veteran crew led by Gregory went missing and never made it home after the action. Losing a crew was devastating to Barnes Wallis, as well as the expenditure of so many bombs, shouldn’t it have only taken one?




Feature Image: http://www.swafineart.com/images/30.4.07/images/EnemyCoastAhead_lrg.jpg