This one isn’t a new game, but none of us had ever played it before so as we walked by the booth, we were drawn in and had to play at least one game. One of my sisters loves this game, and kept talking about how fun it is and how she never gets to play. It’s basically just a goofy game of Russian Roulette, which takes at most 10 minutes to play.


You play cards from your hand either to get cards from other players, or to avoid drawing from the deck. If you cannot avoid the dreaded end of turn draw, you might end up with an exploding kitten, that knocks you out of the game!

It’s a fun little filler that won’t tax your brain between other games, which is great for that niche. Although I was pleasantly surprised at how you can combo some of the cards well to strip a players hand and rig the deck for them to draw a kitten, but that also involved an extreme amount of luck and probably is very hard to repeat.

Did I mention that the box ‘meows’ when you open it? The box meows when you open it!