All my Best 3 games so far have been games that I have liked with some type of theme or mechanism in it.  Today I thought it would be fun to do a list of games that I was disappointed in the most when finally getting a chance to play it.  I am not saying these are horrible games.  I am just saying that they did not live up to the expectations that I personally had for them.  There are always those games that everyone talks so highly of and you get excited to play yet when you finally do, they just fall flat.  These are my 3 games that fell really flat for me.  Here we go with Best 3 Games with…..Disappointment!

3.  Among the Stars

Among the Stars Turret Card

I really wanted this game.  I love the theme, mechanisms and length.  I even bugged Grant about playing it so much that he finally gave in and brought it to the table.  I kinda wish he hadn’t, but at least I don’t have to buy it now.  I was hoping for so much more in this game.  I thought the strategy was going to be higher.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t fully understand the rules before I went going into it.  But for me it was just a plain drafting game that really had no deep strategy.  I could choose any card and put it out on my tableaux for any reason.  I really felt like every one had the same space station.  Nothing made mine stand out over another persons.  I thought the energy cores were going to be a  bigger influence on where you can put your additions.  The game was just not fun and I really felt there was no strategy to be had.

2.  CV

I had heard so many great things about this game.  The game of life with dice…..sign me up.  CV comes from the word curriculum vitae meaning resume.  It was in between print for a time and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy.  I finally got a copy played it with my wife and we both had NO desire to play it again and I couldn’t sell it fast enough.  The game was just not fun.  In a 2 player game, you saw every card in the game.  There was no reason to play it again.  There was little to no strategy and almost the whole time you just got the card that worked best for your dice.  At the end of the game, it made no sense on how my life turned out.  Nothing made any sense.  This to me was not a game of life but a game of just do what ever you can.  The goal cards kinda helped get you to focus on one thing but if your can’t roll the right things what difference does it make?  I understand that it is supposed to be a light game but that is an understatement….it was too light.

1.  Summoner Wars

Okay…….I am not a big fan of games like Magic where it is you and another person sitting across from the table and duking it out.  It seems to be way to random and timing is crutial…..if you get the right cards.  That being said I was so looking forward to playing Summoner Wars.  It looked like a new spin on the genre.  I loved the thought of having so many different factions and each being different.  The layout of the board was neat and I really wanted to like this game……uuuhhhgggg.  The entire game was pointless.  The outcome of the game was determined before the game even started.  The races were so opposite that I had no chance.  My race was good at defending and sitting in place taking a punishment but dealing damage slowly.  The problem was the health of my units were low… minions were only 1 health and attacked with only one.  My opponant had a faction that was all about attacking.  He started with more health than me and stronger attacking.  Plus…..his special ability was to get an extra attack dice when attacking on my side of the board.  I had no chance what so ever.  I know I shoildnt base my opinion on a game like that in one play, but I never want to play this game again!  I recently just played Devistations of the Indines that I would play 500 times before playing Summoner Wars again.