Farmer Grudenn
One of my earlier maps drawn in 1995 for a major campaign I was running titled “Errback’s Plan” referring to a nasty Orcish Shaman of Gruumsh & his plan for domination of the Savage North.

This week’s edition of Map-A-Week comes from 1995 and is an unassuming farm house with a  secret entrance to an underground Temple of Gruumsh One Eye, the Orcish God. See the pdf version of the map here: Farmer Grudenn’s House-Temple of Gruumsh

This temple is being used as a base to raid the local area with the purpose of spreading fear for the coming of “One-Eye” as the Gruumans say to all who will listen. There is a more sinister plot though as the low level Shaman in charge of the operation (Gilnak) reports to Errback but also has his own plan as he is more a follower of Bahgtru and has found a way to invoke his presence on this plane through a mystical ceremony.  He will do that in the great cathedral located in room #19 in the Temple and Bahgtru’s spirit will come into a stone statue made in his likeness in the center of the raised platform sacrificial area.  My players loved the chants of “Bahgtru, Bahgtru, Bahgtru” that they heard from the priests in the area and still occasionally randomly chant this in our sessions.  The statue will come alive and the priests will eventually lose control (as several of them are skewered by the large spear being held by the statue) of it leading to the statue destroying the supporting columns in the room bringing the temple crashing down around it (the party is not meant to fight the statue and doing so will lead to their deaths).  There are also many magic circles drawn on the floors throughout the farmhouse and the temple.  These circles have many effects including the discharge of negative energy causing damage, dispelling certain magical effects cast upon the PC’s or teleporting in several creatures including Tanaruuk or a homebrew creature I made up called a “Black Orc” which are very savage, have an aura of fear and fast healing!  The adventure is made for entry level characters of 1st to 2nd level and can be easily scaled for higher levels.  I have not taken the time to draw in the map key so you will have to assume what the different elements in each room are.


Please let me know what you think of the map.  Any comments are appreciated. I truly enjoy drawing these maps and have dozens that I plan to share with you on this blog.