Sullust is a barren, obsidian world of lava streams and turquoise lakes whose population lives in vast underground cities.

After dropping off Adros Vict to their Rebel contacts and receiving payment in the amount of 2,500 credits, Krussk and Tekk decided to try to purchase some upgrades for the ship. They traveled to the ship service area of the local business district and were able to swing a pretty good deal with a Sullustan mechanic named Teleban Talldar who had a used Advanced Targeting Array (the Fabritech ANx 42.A or Snap Shot) for a measly 3,000 credits. Ulek was able to give the array a once over and reported that it was in good shape and appeared to be worth the price tag. Teleban told them that install would take at least 18 hours and that they could pass the time at the local watering hole.  They paid half up front and left to grab some refreshments and try to stay out of trouble.  As they entered the local bar and sat down for a drink and some well deserved fried Keela, they were approached by a surly and smug Human named Crayton Magnus, who wanted to procure their services in teaching someone a lesson about interfering in his business.  He wanted them to beat up a local street thug named Dre Vodan for breaking into local infirmaries and stealing Stimpacks.  This was affecting his business and he wanted to send a clear message.  Tekk and Krussk reluctantly agreed to take the job as they knew they needed credits in order to procure a faked Transponder frequency and Imperial clearance codes for their deliveries to the Kuat Drive Yards.

They then went to a local dive where Dre was supposed to frequent and as they entered the dimly lit and very sparsely populated bar, were approached by a rough Human who asked what they wanted.  Kruusk, being the best choice to communicate on their behalf (said no one ever), blurted out that they were sent by Crayton Magnus to find Dre Vodan.  The Human immediately became concerned and started to explain that he was innocent of any crimes and that Crayton was simply trying to use uninformed muscle (referring to Krussk not Tekk) to extort him for no reason.  He in fact accused Crayton of the very same crime of stealing Stimpacks and asked that they agree to teach Crayton a lesson instead (he was surprisingly persuasive!).  He seemed very convincing and he then said he was going to go in the back to get a payment for their services.  He was gone about 5 minutes when Tekk finally realized they had been had and busted through the door to the back store room only to be confronted by a heavily armed and armored Security Droid bent on their destruction.

Dre Vodan pulled a fast one over on Tekk & Krussk and left them to handle a heavily armed and armored security droid bent on their destruction.

They dispatched the droid and made a hasty getaway as Dre had disconnected a gas main in the building and it was about to explode.  They then saw him leaving on a speeder bike and Tekk quickly successfully hot-wired two bikes for the pursuit using his poor Mechanics skill, which ended in a fiery crash as Tekk shot him in the back with his blaster on stun but didn’t think about him not being able to pilot the fast moving bike leading to a fiery crash and his demise.  As they were finishing up the encounter, they noticed that 2 Star Destroyers had entered orbit around Sullust and were sending several landing craft filled with Stormtroopers, no doubt looking for them and their cargo Adros Vict.  They made a quick return to Teleban’s, who was not yet finished with the install, but Tekk said that Ulek would be able to finish the work, paid the remaining 1,500 credits and followed an underground route out of the city to orbit where they escaped.

After they narrowly escaped from the Imperial Star Destroyers and with their next planned shipment taking them to the Kuat Drive Yards, Tekk programmed the navi-computer to find the fabled Vicadin Spaceport in order to find a vendor that could sell them faked Transponder and secure Imperial clearance codes that would check out.  After much searching through an asteroid field and a little bit of luck, they found the spaceport and were directed to land by an escort of Firespray Patrol Craft, truly a beautiful, elegant and deadly starship that made Tekk very jealous!  After landing they asked the deck officer where they might procure less than legal items such as codes.  He directed them to the Trash Compactor bar and instructed them to ask for the Enigma, who was a specialist in codes and other tech related items.  They found and entered the bar, ordering a foul smelling and foul tasting purple beverage (that Kruusk gulped down greedily and Tekk handed him his that he also gulped down!) and asked the waitress for an introduction to the Enigma.  She directed them over to a table in the darkest corner where sat a Human with a Trandoshan compatriot.  Of course, Tekk decided to be the spokesperson due to his good looks and quick wit and addressed the Human but was rudely interrupted by the Trandoshan who called himself Vax Teller and said he would only speak with Kruusk.  Come to find out, the Human had his tongue removed by the Enigma for lying!  After a long time (it seemed like an eternity as Tekk wasn’t involved at all), they were told that they could have new codes if they would take care of a “problem”.  It seemed that the Enigma, who these two worked for, had a server room that was being held by Wookie terrorists in the lower level of the space port.  If it was cleared and secured, they would be able to bargain on the codes.

Tekk and Krussk traveled to the held server room and as they approached, saw a Wookie standing guard with a heavy repeating blaster. Tekk decided that the situation called for a little subtlety and that they needed to approach with a diversion to avoid being shot multiple times.  Tekk then “borrowed” some food from a nearby storeroom, warmed it up and acted like a delivery boy bringing the terrorists “hot pockets”.  The ruse worked as they were able to make it all the way to the guard where Tekk was able to blast him.  They also encountered three of his brothers in the server room and dispatched them fairly easily with Kruusk being the target of his ancient racial enemies and drawing all of their fire.  Tekk felt as if he didn’t even exist to the Wookies, which was fine (but it did hurt a little!)  Upon examination of the room, they noticed precisely placed shape chargers intended to destroy the computer equipment if demands were not met. They then returned to the agreed upon location where they were to report progress to the Enigma to find that the room was crowded with several heavily armed and armored guards.  The Enigma decided to not pay and threw a grenade at Tekk and Krussk and ducked behind a desk.  Tekk deflected the grenade back at him and it ended up blowing up his security droid and stunning one of the Human guards.  Tekk then very quickly approached the Enigma, grabbed him to use as a meat shield and commanded his guards to drop their weapons or he would get it.  Of course, they didn’t do as asked and Tekk began a fight with it ending with a direct shot through the Enigma’s ocular cavity.  Kruusk took out the remaining guards and with his last dying breath, the Enigma gave up a data stick with the fake Transponder code and the Imperial Clearance codes and said “He is coming to kill you!”.

Tekk and Krussk found some extra credits in the area (approximately 500) and took the guards weapons to sell in the bazaar, netting another 1,200 credits to buy some upgraded  armor for Kruusk.  They negotiated with a shrewd dealer and purchased Mandalorian Heavy Battle Armor for a little over 5,500 credits.  This left them with only 300 credits to their name, barely enough to eat, fuel up the ship, pay docking fees and continue on their path to the Kuat Drive Yards where they hoped a big pay day awaited them. Tekk thought to himself that he was actually saving those credits to upgrade “The Cutter” with a better shield generator or to install hidden smuggling compartments but he surmised that an overly armored and protected Kruusk would serve him better when in danger and in over his head.  As they left the station, they were intercepted by a modified YT-1300 ship by the name of the “Midnight Star” that had markings in the form of a blue star with stripes, a dead giveaway for Asori Farann as his other ship had the same markings.  Tekk was able to punch it and Kruusk and our Gunner Droid very deftly battled  inflicting several direct and precise hits on the ship causing them to jump to hyperspace to escape their fury, but not before they fired a proton torpedo that struck “The Cutter” inflicting considerable damage to the internal systems which were deftly controlled by Ulek.  The little guy has been worth his weight in credits!

As they entered the course for the Kuat Drive Yards, Ulek was able to repair most of the internal damage and strain on the ships systems and also finish the install on the updated Advanced Targeting Array.  Tekk was able to upgrade his Piloting (Space) skill, Ranged (Light) skill and his Skullduggery skill.  Krussk upgraded his Gunnery skill and his Brawl skill making them a more effective team, at least in a fight!  Until next time, lets hope that the codes work and they can finally make their delivery to the Kuat Drive Yards.