Grant, Alexander and myself got a rare opportunity to have a game with only 3 players available.  For the better part of the last year we have had at least 4 players to play.  Due to our number we decided to battle it out to become the Supreme Race of the Galaxy in Eclipse.

Eclipse is a fantastic Euro style 4x game.  The 4x stands for explore, exploit, exterminate and expand.

We started by randomly choosing our Race, I was black like my soul and got……

A military juggernaut, the Orion Hegemony!

Prepare to meet your Maker!

Each of these Races gives the player a specific power, my power was an extra Cruiser to start the game while Grant and Alexander only received an interceptor.  BUT they were much more diplomatic than I was.  They could trade resources 3 to 1 while I had to do it at 4 to 1.  It hurts sometimes to be so barbaric!  People just don’t understand the real you.

For the first few rounds most of the time you just start exploring and trying to find other planets with additional resources.  Every single time Grant explored he was getting more and more resources.  Not to mention….two turns into the game Grant was already trying to make alliances with Alexander against me…..Little ole me minding my own business….so not cool!  Luckily for me, you can’t make alliances in a 3 player game.  Plus, you can NEVER trust any alliance with Alexander.  While you explore, you might also find other alien races called Ancients.  These guys aren’t nice.  The game must have sensed that I was coming for blood because every tile I explored had an Ancient on it.

Are you serious???

Now, Ancients aren’t bad, you just have to get a few rounds under your belt to be build up your forces and to be able to deal with them.  They also give you straight up victory points for the end of the game, which is a definite bonus.  BUT, the Old Ancients are not so easy.  These are held off until the end of the game when you have plenty of fire power.  My only choice was to keep exploring, researching and upgrading my ships.

This Ancient is no match for me!

Meanwhile, Grant was getting a ton of resources but struggling to find things to do with them.  He ignored building anything bigger than an Interceptor.  BUT do to some good technology upgrades, those little guys packed a punch if you crossed them.

We were all minding our own business and doing our own stuff.  I was finally able to kill a couple of Ancients, then out of nowhere Alexander the docile, peaceful and kind makes his presence felt….

That is quite the fleet!

Grant was sweating and shaking when he deployed the forces so close to his area.  Although Alexander was trying for the center Ancient, Grant knew that he would soon come for him.  WHY, we may never know!  Alexander will always play the aggressive play whether it is his races ability or not….he will find a way.

On the other side of the galaxy…..I was just fine with taking out Ancients left and right while letting Alexander get a false sense of power!

Challenge accepted!!!

The last round….all the fun and games were over….put the children to sleep…..cancel the Three Ring Circus……don’t forget to tip your waitress!  It is anyone’s game!  We all meet in the middle to duke it out.  Alexander wants a piece of Grant…..again as Grant mentioned at the time Alexander made the move, why was he going after a 1 point tile while I was sitting right next to him with a 3 point tile we will never know.  I was perfectly happy letting Alexander attack Grant.  I was just trying to string it out as long as possible to get into the middle for one last hurrah!

This is gunna be fun!

Alexander took out Grant quite easily.  Then it came down to Alexander and I!  It was not easy.  I fired 6 missiles to begin the battle with only one hit.  Not a good start!  We then went back and forth taking shots at each other.  We were evenly matched….though my legendary horrible dice rolling started manifesting itself at just the wrong time…..It was down to my Cruiser against his Cruiser……..Alexander could not capitalize on my unfortuitous rolls……three separate rolls and neither of us could hit their target….on my fourth roll….A 4, with a +2 modifier giving me a 6…..I ended up destroying his last ship with only one damaged ship to spare.

Final score……Tim 32, Alexander 29, Grant 19.  The final battle in the center tile was the key to victory as it offered 4 VP for control!