Arcadia Quest

Publisher: Cool Mini or Not

Designers: Thiago Aranha, Guilherme Goulart, Eric Lang and Fred Perret

Players: 2-4

Time: 60 min.


This weeks Family Game is Arcadia Quest.  This is a dungeon style game where you are a Guild of three heroes going up against the evil Lord Fang and all his minions….oh AND you have to watch your back for other players also!  Arcadia Quest is unique in that you have to fight monsters that are in the dungeon along with the other players.  Most dungeon crawl games are full cooperative, meaning all the players are working toward the same goal.

Arcadia Quest is also a campaign style game in which you play a series of scenarios over a long period of time to a final round.  There are multiple scenarios in the game but a full campaign is 6 of them.  The person who wins the previous scenario gets to choose the next one, but the last one is always the same, Defeating Lord Fang.

To begin Arcadia Quest you have to assemble you guild.  You do this by drafting your characters.  Each character has a special ability that they can only do.  You are dealt 6 cards, you choose one of them and pass the remaining 5 to your left.  You get the 5 cards from the person on your right, then pick another hero.  You have a total of 3 heroes at the end of the drafting.

The dungeon is now ready for set up.  Put all the pieces in place the you are directed in the scenario book.

The thing we like about Arcadia Quest is the simplicity and smoothness while playing.

During each scenario there are “quests” you have to complete.  There are always the quest that say “Kill a blue player”.  That is where you have to attack each other.  Then there will be specific quests that have to do with each scenario.  For instance, one says “Kill Hammer Beastman” a mini boss.  The first person who completes 3 of these tasks ends the scenario.  Some quests will give you new weapons when completing them, while others will give you special abilities for other scenarios later on in the game.

Each turn is very simplistic.  You simply choose one of your heroes to activate.  You then get 3 movement points and then can choose to attack either a monster or another player.  Once you are done, it is the next persons turn.  Each time you use a weapon you can no longer use that weapon until you rest.  Instead of activating a hero you can then rest and get all your weapons back to use and revive any dead heroes you have.

The combat system is very smooth.  You roll some dice and you either hit the target or miss.  The enemy now has a chance to fight back.  The person to your right rolls for the monsters.  You then roll defense dice to try and block their attack.

At the beginning of the first scenario you play of a new campaign, every one starts out with the same weapons.  Throughout each scenario you will earn money by defeating monsters and completing quest.  You even get money if a monster ends up killing another player that is not part of your guild.  You use this money to buy upgraded weapon and magic cards at the end of each scenario.  Deciding what cards to buy and what hero to put them on is fantastic.

We absolutely love Arcadia Quest.  It plays so well and it’s just a blast going around beating up on monsters and other players.  It doesn’t hurt that the miniatures are gorgeous!!  Let’s face it, the only thing better than a child attacking their parents in a board game is attacking monsters with huge hammers.  My son is easily the best player at this game.  At age 7, he really knows how to get the right heroes and which weapons and items work best with those heroes.  It doesn’t hurt that he is a master at rolling dice!  He just crushes us!  It is a little bit advanced for the little ones to play but they don’t mind playing with the extra miniatures that we aren’t using with the scenario that we are currently playing.


Until next time, explore those dungeons!