Publisher: Ravensburger

Designer:  Michael Kielsing and Wolfgang Kramer

Year:  2010

Plays: 2-4 players in 45-60 minutes

My daughter wanted to play a game and she actually let me pick the game!!  I picked Asara.  A great game about building different towers and scoring the most points.

I want to talk about Ravensburger Games first.  This is the second one that we own.  Seeland is the other and I assure you it will appear on this blog before long.  Ravensburger games are fantastic for both family games and “gamer” games.  They include simpler rules for younger players and then add “professional” rules for more strategy and complexity.  I love the fact that I can start my kids out early on these with the simple rules then after years of practice I can then bump them up to the heavier stuff.

So, what is Asara?  This is a game where you are a wealthy builder and you “hire” local citizens to construct the most lavish and admiring towers in the land.  The person who builds the most and highest towers at the end of 4 years will be the most renowned builder of Asara!

The game has many different actions going on.  At the beginning of every year each person will receive money and citizens.  The citizens are cards of 5 different colors and symbols.

You use these citizens to go out and collect different parts of your tower.  In order to construct towers you need a base and a steeple.  Along the way your can add middle sections to your towers to make them taller.  The trick with acquiring parts for your tower is that once someone plays a card at a specific spot on the board, every one else that wants to go there HAS to play the same color.  So, depending on what cards you have and who plays what card where, you may or may not have very many options.

Did I mention that EVERY THING you gather is hidden behind a player shield.  So, you don’t know what everyone has until they build it.

Asara is a great game for kids that help teach them set collecting, basic addition and subtraction with money, problem solving and planning.

At the end of our 4 years, we tallied up the scores.  In final scoring you score for each color tower, who has the highest and second highest.  Then who has the most towers and the tallest tower.  Did I also mention you get bonus points if your tower has gold fixtures on the sections?  When all was said and done, I won with 66 points and my wife and daughter, age 5, tied with 54.

Until next time keep building those towers!