Like many parents I agonized for years in the repetitiveness of family board games.  Playing the same things over and over and over.  And lets be honest, they are not even that good of games.

I am going to start a new blog entry every week about games that my family enjoy playing.  Each week will cover a new game that we play.  Hopefully you will be able to find some quality games to help get you out of the never ending cycle of family games of the past.

Usually when we play a game it is one of the kids that get to pick the game.  Every so often my wife or I get to choose.  I hope these entries will help those that visit this site and have small children find new and exciting games to play with them.

My Family

My wife and I have been playing games since we got married.  Normally it was just the normal games and mostly card games before we had children.  We now have 4 children, our son who is 7 and three girls ages 5, 3, 2.  Believe it or not but they ALL love playing games, even the 2 year old.  She normally just plays with the dice but at least she is with the family:)


We have lots of games that we like playing with each other.  Every thing from attacking each other to solitary building.  Of course the kids always like the aggressive games and mom and I are usually the target!  Our 7 year old can pretty much play any game that we throw at him and we can’t help him out any more because most of the time he will beat us.  I am always looking for new games to buy for the family so we can spend more time with each other.


I hope you enjoy these entries as the year goes on!