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Meet the Group

Alexander – I’m a proud father of two young boys and have been seriously board gaming for about 7 years now. As a child my brothers and I played a lot of tabletop war gaming with our Airfix and Revell kits that we’d make and paint. From this my love of miniatures grew. I lean towards games with lots of player interaction, either, combat, bluffing, auctions, area control etc. If a game has hidden identities or agendas then I’ll definitely give it a go, there’s nothing quite like pulling a fast one on the other players!

Grant – Having grown up in a house with 5 brothers, competition in sports and in games has always been a part of my life. Now being 40+ years old and with my body failing, board games have filled that competitive need. I love worker placement, area control and deck building but recently have acquainted myself with strategic war games, especially historical based games like GMT Games’ Wilderness War, Liberty or Death, or Fire in the Lake.  My favorite designers are Stefan Feld (love Bora Bora, Trajan & Castles of Burgundy) and also Volko Ruhnke, the creator of the COIN Series.  If their name is on a game, I will most likely buy it!

Here is a link to my mostly updated collection on BGG:

Tim – I have jumped head first into board gaming, thanks to Alexander and Grant!  I have only been playing for about a few years but already have a solid collection.  I enjoy finding the most unique and different types of games.  Board games seem to be taking over my life with reckless abandon.  I play many games with my family along with this group.

Here is my collection…


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