After a short hiatus, 2020 saw the return of the prestigious Charles S. Roberts Awards. The Charles S. Roberts Awards or CSR Awards is an annual award for excellence in the historical wargaming hobby. It was named in honor of Charles S. Roberts the “Father of Wargaming” who founded Avalon Hill. The award is informally called a “Charlie” and officially called a “Charles S. Roberts Award”.

The Award is managed by the Charles S. Roberts Award Committee which has no commercial sponsorship, made up of designers, writers and hobbyists. It is a “people’s award” with winners chosen through votes submitted by fans.

I wanted to thank Dan Pancaldi of No Enemies Here for hosting the show on a livestream on his channel on Sunday, October 25th. You can watch the entire 3 hour show at the following link:

Also, if you didn’t hear, we were nominated for and won the CSR for Best Wargame Review or Analysis and we are extremely grateful and humbled by the support that we receive. If you want to check out our segment, it starts at 1:03:42. Thank you.