As I mentioned in Action Point 1, the Last Stand mechanic is pretty neat, if not without some very eclectic elements. If a wall is breached, due to the fact that the Mexicans can meet or exceed the breach value of any wall sections, the game immediately moves to the Last Stand.

In the picture above you can see that the Mexican army was successful in breaching the South Wall which had a breach value of 4. As you can see, they had exactly 4 strength points which met the requirement. What happens immediately upon a breach is that any existing Texian cannon defending that section of wall are captured and turned on the defenders. This added one strength point to their forces for a new total of 5. The remaining cannon on the other walls are removed and placed in the Eliminated Units box.

The next step is the eclectic one mentioned and involves checking to see if hero Jim Bowie, who was ill with possibly typhoid fever, pulmonary consumption and/or traumatic injury, will be able to gather his strength and join the battle. The Texian player simply takes the Bowie counter and flips it much like you would a coin. If it lands on the Texian flag side he doesn’t join but if it lands on the face up side showing the silhouette of Jim Bowie, he musters the strength to grab his massive Bowie knife and add his 2 combat strength to the fight. Alas, in our three games, Bowie never joined the fight!

The Texian player then gathers all remaining forces and turns those counters upside down, hiding their strength from the attacker. The Mexican player then totals his combat strength and removes that many units from among the hidden counters. In this example, he was only able to kill 2 of the Texian strength points leaving the Texians with 4 in order to kill off all but one of the Mexican counters.

Final scoring is very simple and consists of adding up the living Mexican forces strength points along with the reinforcement points remaining in the turn track, which is 4 points if the game ends in the first round. Then the Mexican player gets +6 points if the game ends in the first round, +3 points if it ends in round 2 and a -2 points if the Texians hold out to round 3.

In our three plays, the final score was 15 points in game 1, a Mexican Triumph, 14 points in game 2, a Mexican Decisive Victory, and 11 points in game 3, a Mexican Victory (historical result).

We really enjoyed The Alamo Remembered and I look forward to trying it out solo while including some of the various variants.

Remember the Alamo!