Last week, Asmodee announced a new fantasy based whimsically illustrated card combat game called Kharnage. Battle has raged across your fantasy world for as long as anyone can remember. Great armies rampage over the countryside, crushing their foes, battling anyone who looks at them funny, and milling about causing havoc. Now, your army has gathered in front of a small hill—a hill of no particular tactical significance. But look: three other armies are approaching the same hill, and now you have no choice but to utterly destroy them. It’s time for Kharnage.

Kharnage is a fast-paced, tactical card game for two to four players that puts you and your opponents in command of massive fantasy armies. Each turn, you’ll select your strategy and call upon new reinforcements to join you in battle. Then, you’ll use your newly arrived forces to smash your opponents’ armies and create a scene of total war. Whether you’re fighting for the Dwarves, the Humans, the Goblins, or the Orcs, Kharnage invites you to command a unique army with a distinct fighting style. Muster your forces, lead them to war, and collect the skulls of your enemies! Read more about Kharnage on the Asmodee website.

Look for Kharnage at your local United States retailer in the first quarter of 2017. MSRP is $34.99.